Things To Include In A Janitorial Services Contract

Janitorial services are a must for places like schools, offices, malls, and other public spots. When you are hiring a janitorial company in Metairie, LA, you should take a good look at the contract. Cleaning contracts are a great way to ensure all the costs and tasks so that no misunderstanding develops in the future.

janitorial company in Metairie, LA

Take a look at these essential inclusions that must be there in all janitorial services contract.

Basic Information

Within the basic information section, there should be details about both parties, such as:

·    Name

·    Address

·    Email

·    Phone Number

Scope of Services

Consider this category as the muscles of the contract. The more detailed this section is, the better you can manage your janitorial services. This section will make it clear what duties the workers perform and whatnot. Under this section, the contract should also discuss your work schedule.

In terms of work schedule, the contract will mention the working days and work hours.

Supply List Section

The supply list section is one of the essential parts of the whole contract. This section will specify the items that the janitorial company will use and carry. The contract should also mention the price of restocking and what are the exclusions.

Payment Details

You can’t possibly have a contract without the payment details. This section should outline the payment amount, due dates, the billing procedure, and payment method.

Payment details are very crucial. Hence, if you have any queries, it’s better to sort them out beforehand.

The payment section should be airtight and clear to both parties.


Now that you know that all the critical things about janitorial contracts, you can confidently hire. Remember to read the agreement carefully and get our queries answered before entering into the contract.