New Pest Control Measures That Could Be Better

You know what they say. Out with the old. And in with the new. Although it has to be said that specialist professional mosquito control in Clifton Park  has been around for a while. This needs some explaining. So let’s begin with this motivation. Discard the household can of spray poison in a responsible manner. Because that does not work. And it is as old as the hills. Be wary of fumigation ‘experts’ because they could be doing more harm than good.   

They have been doing this since back in the day. And it has not exactly produced explosive results. Except to make people rather ill indeed. Never mind inconveniently sending the customers packing to a motel for a few nights, what really happens when they come back? Apart from the fact that the poison’s after-effects remain intact, it’s done absolutely little to stave off the mosquitoes. Fumigators rarely do inspections.

mosquito control in Clifton Park

It’s a once-off affair as far as they are concerned. But should they begrudgingly come back to do an inspection after a few weeks, they’re sure to find evidence of new mosquito larvae. The thing about the poison these men are using is that inasmuch as its highly toxic, it’s having little to no effect on the insects. The insects have adapted themselves to the poison. And it is not unusual these days to expect certain species, cockroaches would be a good example, to eat the poison!

Mosquitoes of course, don’t they prefer the blood of humans and animals. And they will feed of microbial species in underlying water areas to feed their young. Finally, specialist mosquito control units are focusing on using organic materials which are, at the time of writing, proving to be a lot more effective.